Component Sourcing, Testing and Verification
Electronic Component Kitting
Electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing services
Dedicated Distributor of RFID Technology

The Paragon Electronics Group is an integrated group of companies, operating from three 'world class' facilities in the UK and Czech Republic, providing electronic component sourcing, testing, verification, distribution, supply chain management and electronic component kitting, plus the broadest range of electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronics manufacturing services (EMS).

Our market-leading high integrity component sourcing and verification services are provided by Vigilant Components. These include sophisticated component inspection, component testing, component verification and counterfeit avoidance services.

Vigilant Components works seamlessly alongside Paragon Electronic Components who provide the industry's leading electronic component kitting services delivering complete, assembly ready kits of components, on-time to the point of manufacture - where they are needed, when they are needed. In addition, Paragon provides vendor managed inventory (VMI) and vendor tail management (VTM) services to help take cost out of customers' pre-production materials management processes.

From its dual facilities in the UK and Czech Republic JJS Manufacturing offers comprehensive contract electronics manufacturing services. These include PCB design support and PCB assembly plus a range of assembly services ranging from cable assembly, box build, cabinet wiring and system integration, through to the manufacturing of complex 'machines' comprising of electronics, electrical, mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical elements that we call precision mechatronics. All of this is underpinned by world class global sourcing, purchasing, engineering and test teams to enable JJS Manufacturing to provide sophisticated value-add services such as postponement manufacturing, configure-to-order and outbound logisticsto enable us to offer an agile, dynamic service delivering these highly configurable products directly to our customers’ customers worldwide.